Friday, March 28, 2008

By way of introduction:

This is just a little bit unlike me, but because it's for a good cause, and because it's come along at a truly pivotal, absolute mess of a time, I'm signing on to blog about sex for the entire month of April.

The nitty-gritty can be found right here, but suffice it to say that any donations I can come up with will benefit RAINN (the Rape and Incest National Network). They do incredible work that benefits not only those of us who have been sexually assaulted or abused, but the friends, family, and lovers who are affected by the baggage sexual violence can leave one with. In short, they're trying to make the world a better, safer place for all of us, so I do hope those who stumble across this blog will do what they can to help RAINN help us. Their goal, if fundraising efforts take off this month, is to make their web-based hotline accessible 24/7. (It's currently available 10 hours a day, five days a week, and they've already helped thousands of people this way. I'm included in that number.) Anyone who's ever had to call a hotline for help will attest that picking up that phone can be the most daunting thing in the world; having an online hotline would make reaching out so much easier, and so much more accessible for those who don't have a safe and private physical space from which to call for help.

Whenever the urge moves you, you can donate right here, in any amount. And in the 'additional information' field, let 'em know Jen Hilbert sent you, and that it's part of GBBMC2008.

I'll admit that my motives aren't purely altruistic here: although my rape happened seventeen months ago, I'm still in intensive counseling for it, I've still got PTSD and a whole lot of baggage from it, and this blogging project gives me a chance to sort through thoughts and memories I find it hard to voice aloud. I want to be able to talk about this, not just to help myself, but to put my story out there for others who are in the same situation. I realize that talking about these things could trigger other survivors, and so rest assured: if I post about issues of sexual assault, I will give you all a heads-up at the very start, so you can skip on over it if you're not up for reading.

And believe you me, this blog is not going to be a sad affair. On the contrary: I'm really jazzed about this opportunity, because I love talking about sex nearly as much as I enjoy having it. (Okay, that's a lie. But I do love to talk about it.) I want to write about my sex soundtrack playlists, and about gay porn, and about how badly I wish I was a boy, sometimes. I want to tell you guys about my first time, and the latest time, and that time M fucked me with a strap-on in an empty classroom on a Sunday afternoon. I want to have fun here, because I deserve it, because springtime brings out this ache in me that I'm particularly eager to document.

So, here it is: my sex blog. I won't officially start this 'til April, but expect an introduction shortly, because you all deserve to know with whom you're dealing. Until then, lovelies, take care, be safe, and e-mail away! It's, and I check my inbox compulsively and correspond like someone from another century. Truth.